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Old Reserve Arrack

Old Reserve is undoubtedly Sri Lanka’s finest pure coconut arrack held in high esteem by connoisseurs as the king of arracks.


Most Sri Lankan’s are aware that Aybrook & Mason’s OLD RESERVE Arrack represents the epitome of the traditional Ceylon Arrack blender’s art – the finest pure coconut Arrack matured for many years in casks of Hamilla and Teak but few know its origin. The story of Alfred Aybrook and Thomas Mason’s collaboration reads like a 19th century adventure novel.


The English son of doctor who dabbled in pharmacy and the planter from Alabama greatly improved the distillation and quality of local Arrack – the result speaks for itself.

Today the original formula is faithfully followed and the resulting subtle aroma and flavors are appreciated as much now as then by connoisseurs of fine spirits the world over.

That two nineteenth-century ‘adventurers’ would be responsible for distilling the Spirit of Old Ceylon, the finest pure coconut Arrack was a surprise – but a pleasant one for the colonized and colonials alike. Sri Lanka is now thankfully independent, and Old Reserve is still today regarded as the ‘King of Arracks’.


The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy in Rome was founded by a small group of highly talented bartenders in 2010. The first Italian “secret” bar recreating the spirit of the Roaring Twenties. Now recognized as one of the 50 best bars in the world and certainly the bar of reference in Italy.

Jerry Thomas and Old Reserve? Their insatiable curiosity to search out long-forgotten recipes and spirits eventually led them to Sri Lanka and the discovery of Old Reserve. Driven by their passion for excellence they worked closely with the blenders to reprise the taste and strengths of a bygone age. “Revival 42” & “Rare 47″were born.


Arrack as it was, Arrack as it should be.

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